Week 20—It’s Been A While

by edwardrubinstein

The last time I posted was Week 16, which was sometime back in the first part of January. Sorry for the hiatus, but since my last post I’ve been in the hospital, and then I lost my mother near the end of January. Since I lived with mom, I’ve been living in chaos ever since as my brother, sister, their spouses, and I have begun going through everything of mom’s—and there’s a lot of stuff and years of memories. It’s a slow process no matter how quickly we work. Sometimes it’s physically hard, but mostly it’s mentally draining, after which, I’m simply out of gas.

Oh, and then there’s everything else that’s been put on hold that has to be taken care of, too.

I’ve kept up with the webinars as best as possible by catching them on replays, and I’ve been reading as much as I could, but honestly, there have been days, sometimes day after day, when I just haven’t been able to do so. Blogging was virtually out of the question. Zero energy, mental energy that is. Spending two plus hours on a webinar was more than I could think about.

When I read Week 20, I thought, YES. This is it! This explains it. Think. That’s all we have to do. But think correctly. Ah, that’s the secret (I was going to say trick, but there’s really no trick involved). We’ve been learning how to think correctly ever since day one, and now it’s been presented in such a succinct and clear manner that anyone who’s come this far simply has to get it, yes?

Everything is part of the whole. We all are created to think, and without thinking, there’s nothing at all. The power of thought if understood and used correctly is the greatest labor saving device ever dreamed of. What a revelation! Of course, thinking used incorrectly can lead to disaster—and what do we see in the world today? Total and utter disaster. If only they knew what we know, how wonderfully better the world would be.