Week 16—Seeing The Vision

by edwardrubinstein

The visualization that we’ve been doing for the last few weeks is beginning to sink in. I simply couldn’t get a good handle on last week’s Insight assignment, but this week, I can see not just the end, but the means to that end. Everyone has a grand ending—what they want. Probably more often than not, the “final picture” is a nicer home, a better area, mostly more stuff, all of which is good. But just how does one get there? Ah, that’s the $64,000 question. If you can’t see that, then the end is simply a hopeful wish.

This week, for really the first time, I can truly begin to see the larger picture of the “how”—how I accomplish my desire. The steps necessary. As we’ve read numerous times, knowledge does not apply itself. That’s finally sinking in. Whew!

It won’t happen tomorrow, but I can see now that I am making progress—slower than I want, but progress nonetheless.