Week 10—I’m Actually Changing

by edwardrubinstein

So I’m in the market the other day to get a few things. My market’s closed down the self-serve machines, so I’ve got to get on line. An older gentleman’s ahead of me finishing up his order. I’m not really paying attention, but it seems that he had to swipe his card again because of something that had previously occurred—either an item was missed, or taken out. I don’t know. But because he had to swipe his card again, he became annoyed (he may already have been annoyed).

So when the transaction was finished, the clerk said, “Have a nice day,” as they so often do, and not really meaning it. It’s just something that he says. The older guy grumbled something back at him, which I didn’t hear. And I really didn’t care what he said.

Then the clerk says to me, “That’s one nasty old man. Did you hear what he said? He didn’t have to say that.”

Now before MKMMA, I would have said, “Why, what did he say?”

But NOW, what I said was, “You know, you haven’t walked in his shoes. You don’t know how he got to where he is now, either today or this minute.”

I couldn’t believe it. Saying that NEVER would have occurred to me before MKMMA.

I AM changing.

Thank goodness.