Week 9—THE Master Key

by edwardrubinstein

Wow, what a week. We’ve learned THE master key, “Aladdin’s Lamp, as it were.” The one indefatigable, totally reliable, all encompassing affirmation: I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, harmonious, loving, wealthy, and happy.” Yes, I added “wealthy” to my affirmation. As they say, money’s not everything, but it IS right up there with oxygen. Can’t live without it. Period. And for me, wealth is vital.

Here, finally, at week 9 I’ve done my movie poster.



It seems I’m still living under the “keep going until it’s done” modus operandi instead of the “do it now” MO.

My sit this week has been very strange. I concentrate on the seed, and planting it, and music is continuously going through my head. Can’t stop it. But then, I’m off thinking about other things. Screech! Back to the flower. See it break through and sprout. Whoa! Where’d THAT image come from—nothing to do with the flower.

Some days I’d actually make it through to the full image of the flower in bloom. Some days, not.

Keep on rollin’. That’s all we can do, right?