Week 8—Creating the Vision (or Good Thinking)

by edwardrubinstein

What a startling new idea—think constructively, good happens; think destructively, bad happens. One law: thought creates results. Period! Talk about reaping what you sow. WOW! I’d never heard it put so succinctly.

I must have had to restart my mental diet a half-dozen times a day. Sheesh!


the time in-between starts keeps getting longer and longer. I actually went a day plus earlier this week. Yes, it’s frustrating when dealing with unthinking, incompetent  people (judgement, much?), but those silly, inanimate objects that seem to have a mind of their own… They drive me crazy. All those areas of life where things are supposed to work in a certain way—after all, you’ve done this a thousand times—and then suddenly “it” decides not to cooperate this time. What happened!? What the… You’ve got to be kidding me!

Restart. Next. Onward once again.

Now, creating the image from before it’s real. THAT’S a challenge. How often I got mesmerized and lost trying to think back to beyond the origins of the battleship. Back to the mining of the ore, and then how about the dynamite used to get to the ore. Go back on the dynamite. Go back on the machinery. Go back, back, back. How do you ever get back to the original thought?

Ah, that original thought. Think of how many original thoughts that need to happen in order to really create something before it’s created. The number is staggering. Yes, it starts with just one, but that one isn’t complete. You need to add to it, what color, shape, size, position, material, use, etc, etc, etc. Here’s an image that struck me earlier this week.

03_Aerial view of Pier 55.jpg


How cool it that? A new pier in the Hudson River in New York City. $130 million, 2.7 acre park and performance space, 700 seat theatre. Construction to begin 2015; completed 2018-19. Now that took imagination. Real, solid, constructive imagination. It’s not even re-using space. It’s creating new space.

Man’s imagination is the most powerful tool in the Universe. Amen.