Week 7—The Invisible Power

by edwardrubinstein

I’ve been looking at other blogs to see if anything inspires me. I haven’t a clue what to write about this week. I can’t prolong a thought, even though I have very little problem doing the exercise for the sit. For the exercise, I’m fine. I’m supposed to concentrate. But in the real world, I’m constantly being distracted. And forgetful about what to do.

After I have a negative thought I remember about my Mental Diet. I’m not yet pro-active about it, i.e. preventing the negative thought from occurring in the first place.

“I will greet this day with love in my heart.” I actually say that to myself when I awake each morning, and except for when I read Scroll II, it’s nowhere in my mentality.

The invisible force? Maybe just by doing the exercises by rote its power will be revealed. Personally, I believe that the power is within you, me, each of us. And these exercises are to help us find it. Maybe seven weeks simply isn’t enough time. That’s understandable, at least to me. Some have tapped into it already. Lots, it seems. How did they do it? Beats me.

I do feel some small changes happening, though. Nothing specific, just a general feeling of, “I’d never have thought about [that particular situation] in just that way before.” I also realize that instead of acting smarmy to one or both of my siblings (as I am want to do), I’m holding back. So maybe, just maybe, things are getting better for me. All I do know is that for things to get better, I’ve got to get better, and MKMMA is the pathway to getting better.