Week 5—Past Thinking

by edwardrubinstein

I’ve come to realize that my past thinking has been awful. I thought it wasn’t, but it was. I took responsibility, but I never realized that it was, in fact, my thinking, which came from my beliefs and led to my actions, that caused whatever situation I was in.

Losing my business back in 1991 was possibly the hardest situation I’d ever been in, maybe even harder than my divorce. I realized I made some poor decisions, and therefore accepted what happened. BUT, I never understood that I was virtually fated to lose my business (as well as have future financial problems) because of what I thought, how I thought, and what I believed.

Now, I have started the process to think my way out of my past and into my future. It will happen step-by-step, and I will be a different person by the time I’vc completed MKMMA.