Month: November, 2014

Week 9—THE Master Key

Wow, what a week. We’ve learned THE master key, “Aladdin’s Lamp, as it were.” The one indefatigable, totally reliable, all encompassing affirmation: I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, harmonious, loving, wealthy, and happy.” Yes, I added “wealthy” to my affirmation. As they say, money’s not everything, but it IS right up there with oxygen. Can’t live without it. Period. And for me, wealth is vital.

Here, finally, at week 9 I’ve done my movie poster.



It seems I’m still living under the “keep going until it’s done” modus operandi instead of the “do it now” MO.

My sit this week has been very strange. I concentrate on the seed, and planting it, and music is continuously going through my head. Can’t stop it. But then, I’m off thinking about other things. Screech! Back to the flower. See it break through and sprout. Whoa! Where’d THAT image come from—nothing to do with the flower.

Some days I’d actually make it through to the full image of the flower in bloom. Some days, not.

Keep on rollin’. That’s all we can do, right?


Week 8—Creating the Vision (or Good Thinking)

What a startling new idea—think constructively, good happens; think destructively, bad happens. One law: thought creates results. Period! Talk about reaping what you sow. WOW! I’d never heard it put so succinctly.

I must have had to restart my mental diet a half-dozen times a day. Sheesh!


the time in-between starts keeps getting longer and longer. I actually went a day plus earlier this week. Yes, it’s frustrating when dealing with unthinking, incompetent  people (judgement, much?), but those silly, inanimate objects that seem to have a mind of their own… They drive me crazy. All those areas of life where things are supposed to work in a certain way—after all, you’ve done this a thousand times—and then suddenly “it” decides not to cooperate this time. What happened!? What the… You’ve got to be kidding me!

Restart. Next. Onward once again.

Now, creating the image from before it’s real. THAT’S a challenge. How often I got mesmerized and lost trying to think back to beyond the origins of the battleship. Back to the mining of the ore, and then how about the dynamite used to get to the ore. Go back on the dynamite. Go back on the machinery. Go back, back, back. How do you ever get back to the original thought?

Ah, that original thought. Think of how many original thoughts that need to happen in order to really create something before it’s created. The number is staggering. Yes, it starts with just one, but that one isn’t complete. You need to add to it, what color, shape, size, position, material, use, etc, etc, etc. Here’s an image that struck me earlier this week.

03_Aerial view of Pier 55.jpg


How cool it that? A new pier in the Hudson River in New York City. $130 million, 2.7 acre park and performance space, 700 seat theatre. Construction to begin 2015; completed 2018-19. Now that took imagination. Real, solid, constructive imagination. It’s not even re-using space. It’s creating new space.

Man’s imagination is the most powerful tool in the Universe. Amen.

Week 7—The Invisible Power

I’ve been looking at other blogs to see if anything inspires me. I haven’t a clue what to write about this week. I can’t prolong a thought, even though I have very little problem doing the exercise for the sit. For the exercise, I’m fine. I’m supposed to concentrate. But in the real world, I’m constantly being distracted. And forgetful about what to do.

After I have a negative thought I remember about my Mental Diet. I’m not yet pro-active about it, i.e. preventing the negative thought from occurring in the first place.

“I will greet this day with love in my heart.” I actually say that to myself when I awake each morning, and except for when I read Scroll II, it’s nowhere in my mentality.

The invisible force? Maybe just by doing the exercises by rote its power will be revealed. Personally, I believe that the power is within you, me, each of us. And these exercises are to help us find it. Maybe seven weeks simply isn’t enough time. That’s understandable, at least to me. Some have tapped into it already. Lots, it seems. How did they do it? Beats me.

I do feel some small changes happening, though. Nothing specific, just a general feeling of, “I’d never have thought about [that particular situation] in just that way before.” I also realize that instead of acting smarmy to one or both of my siblings (as I am want to do), I’m holding back. So maybe, just maybe, things are getting better for me. All I do know is that for things to get better, I’ve got to get better, and MKMMA is the pathway to getting better.

Week Six—Trying To Keep It All Together

It’s the end of Week 6 (Week 7 begins tomorrow, yikes!), and I’m just now getting to this. It’s been a tough week. Yes, I do the exercises and the readings (so many!). I recite 25 times “do it now” and “I can be what I will to be” twice each day. I slog through the Emerson piece (talk about a difficult piece, whew!). And I keep up with my business, too. But I’m still way behind.

My poster board—went right out and bought it on Monday. It’s still sitting and completely blank. There’s so much think time involved in this, that I just get worn out. I’d always heard that mental work is harder than physical work, and I’d experienced the difference a few times in my life, but it’s been years and years since then. Now it’s even more difficult (oh, that I were 20 years younger).

But then I think of my grandchildren, for whom I want to leave a legacy, something that they’ll always remember their grandpa by,

486786_4683000720193_1486060530_n copy

and I get motivated again.

But for me, it’s still all mechanical. I haven’t gotten that “spark” of revelation yet, that moment when serendipity just seems to happen. Too much concrete still. Chip, chip, chip. Oh, there’s a crack and a little piece fell off, but just a little. Where’s the chisel. Chisel? Where’s the jack hammer!? Got to get rid of this—NOW!

I greet this day with love in my heart. That’s what I read. That’s what I want to do, to feel, to accomplish. That’s not what happens, though. I’ve dug a pretty deep hole, and although I believe I’ve stopped digging (finally), and MKMMA is definitely the rope by which I can pull myself up and out, it’s a looooonnnnnggggg way up. And sometimes my hands slip, or my feet don’t catch the wall just right. Ever try to climb a rope with just your arms? It’s hard, I mean really hard.

Every night that last hour gets a little later until it’s simply too late. I still have to get up the next morning. That never stops.

I   read    and    then    I     fall     asleep.



Week 5—Past Thinking

I’ve come to realize that my past thinking has been awful. I thought it wasn’t, but it was. I took responsibility, but I never realized that it was, in fact, my thinking, which came from my beliefs and led to my actions, that caused whatever situation I was in.

Losing my business back in 1991 was possibly the hardest situation I’d ever been in, maybe even harder than my divorce. I realized I made some poor decisions, and therefore accepted what happened. BUT, I never understood that I was virtually fated to lose my business (as well as have future financial problems) because of what I thought, how I thought, and what I believed.

Now, I have started the process to think my way out of my past and into my future. It will happen step-by-step, and I will be a different person by the time I’vc completed MKMMA.


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